The Author & the Illustrator

A Mother & Son Lockdown Team!

The pandemic of 2021 gave myself (the author) and my talented son James the unique opportunity to spend time creatively together. We created this book to help educate the younger generations about the importance of careful recycling and product selection. 

After many years working in the creative industry the global pandemic hit and I found myself at home with my four children with a lot of time to think about things. My son James had just finished his degree in Design and we both put our heads together and came up with the beautiful story about Walter the Whale. We aimed to make a fun and engaging story with a strong message about change. We worked together for a year and are very proud of the book that we have created. We endeavour to get Walter's story seen by schools and children around the world in the hope that together we can make a difference. 

James loves nothing better than using his natural talent of bringing characters to life with colour and effects. His task with this book was to create the story positively in a way that doesn't frighten young children but it also needed to deliver a serious message.

Many of our ocean habitats are being destroyed and since the global pandemic hit this problem is only getting worse. If this book helps to make children think about non-biodegradable waste and to make better choices then it has achieved its goal.

Marie and James Whitehead 2021.jpg

Marie & James Whitehead