About Walter and his plastic tale

This is the tale of Walter the Whale, Walter the whale and his plastic tail! 

Walter the whale loved to swish through the sea, with all of his pals in his whale pod family. Each day a new adventure began, the sun would come up and away Walter swam. “Look at me!” said Walter to his pod family, “Look at me splash and make waves through the sea!” 

Walter the Whale is the illustrated tale about the pollution in our ocean and the dramatic adventure of a helpless little whale. Poor little Walter the unsuspecting whale gets caught out by an old fishing net tail! His fate looks grim and his luck’s running out until he’s saved by a boy with his dad and his boat! This book is a classic tale about the importance of considering the effect non-biodegradable waste has on our natural world. This story is aimed at children in a sensitive approach to what is a serious issue. This beautifully illustrated tale demonstrates to youngsters that they have the power to individually make a difference and encourages them to shop smart and to help keep the beaches clean and the oceans clear so that whales like Walter have nothing to fear. 

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